Misuse of 498A, Domestic Violence, Maintenance, Dowry Laws Misuse of 498A, Domestic Violence, Maintenance, Dowry Laws Misuse of 498A, Domestic Violence, Maintenance, Dowry Laws

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General FAQ

Misuse of 498A, Domestic Violence, Maintenance, Dowry Laws

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General awareness

  • What is Vakalatnama?
    • Vakalatnama or Vakalat is an authorisation form which you will use to authorise your advocate to represent you.

  • What is NOC?
    • It is No Objection Certificate given by your current advocate saying that he/she has no objection to give away your case to some one else. You advocate will normally mention that on the Vakalatnama form. Once this is done you can hand over this to your next advocate so that he can file with his name on that.

  • How can I use RTI in my case?
    • Contact us for this query.

  • Can yahoo chat transcripts be used as legal evidence?
    • View 1 : We are not aware of any precedent in India, but we know that in US cases (the ones in our knowledge are 'Payment default' cases) have been decided with reference to chat transcripts. Gtalk stores/has an option to store chat transcripts in Googles server, even though yahoo has only an option to store chat transcripts in the client software they also should be maintaining a server log of the same for a specified period of time(as an industry/legal/madatory norm).

    • View 2 : If your chat transcripts (which u saved) are disputed by the other party, the court can/should ask for expert opinion, in this case it would be asking yahoo/msn/gtalk for authetification of this transcript. Which they may do in any method(some may have confidential server logs, some may have some other methods of authetificaiton) but the court will only be concerned about the chat host's/expert' s authetification.

    • View 3 : It can be a legal evidence if you try to retrieve .dat file of your yahoo chat. Rest all depend on you that how you going to show it to the judge. But everything depend on judge if he accept it as evidence or not.

    • View 4 : http://ibnlive.com/news/arushis-email-is-1-year-old-nupur--the-new-evidence/66259-3.html

    • View 5 : In a domestic violence in Kerala the both magistrate court and session court dismissed the petition of a wife agaist husband because the husband was able to produce some SMS by which he was able to prove that the wife was having exta martial affair.

  • How to file case under DP act section 3 against wife?
    • Even a accused can file a petition U/S 190 and 319 of CrPc against the dowry giver as accused u/s 3 of DP Act if the Charge sheet or 160 statement mention about giving dowry. We filed a petition and it was dismissed by magistrate as not maintainable before evidence is recorded. We filed revision in High Court and admitted for counter by state! So any accused can file 319 to bring in dowry giver (By Suresh Ram).

Divorce related

  • I do not want to stay with my wife, Should I go for divorce?
    • Contact us for this query.

  • My wife has left me and refuses to join me, what should I do?
    • Contact us for this query.

  • What are the grounds I should seek divorce?
    • Contact us for this query.

FAQ on Passport related issues

  • Can court impound my passport?
    • Please read judgment section regarding passport. No one, including police or court can impound your passport.

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