Misuse of 498A, Domestic Violence, Maintenance, Dowry Laws Misuse of 498A, Domestic Violence, Maintenance, Dowry Laws Misuse of 498A, Domestic Violence, Maintenance, Dowry Laws

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PIL - Multiple Maintenance claims by wife

Misuse of 498A, Domestic Violence, Maintenance, Dowry Laws

We are working to file this PIL in the Supreme Court of India or High Court of Karnataka.

The structure of the PIL will be like following:

   Describe multiple provision of maintenance
   Double Jeopardy
   Data of our victim brothers
   Support letters by various NGO
   RTI applications and their replies from ministry, SC and other office
   Suggestions by us
   Ground of interim prayer
   Interim prayer
   Ground for prayer

Support Us

We need your support for this PIL,as the sucess of any PIL is determined by how much data crunching is done. In this regard, please take some time to do the following 3 tasks:

Sl.No. Subject Link Who can complete this step
1 Multiple maintenance data Please click here to fill the form Only Husbands who are victim of multiple maintenance
2 Survey Please click here to take survey All citizens
3 Petition Please click here to sign the iPetition All citizens

The survey, ipetition and victim detail will form the basis of PIL data. Please fill them in large numbers. Apart from the above you can dothe following.

   Please record this grievance under the Govt.'s portal:  http://www.pgportal.gov.in

   Also, please provide your thoughts & ideas to us in the below blog:

   File petitions to various ministries regarding Multiple Maintenance and get their response. You can use the following templates and send us the replies from the ministry. We have few response but we need more.

   Write your thoughts to us. Our target for this PIL is January 2010 hoping that we archive the target of 500+ for ipetition by that time.

   In this regard we are getting in touch with the leaders of the local chapters.

   We have already enlisted the crucial support of Virag from Bangalore, Manoj from Chennai/Bangalore, DS Rao Calcutta, Niladri from Delhi. We will keep updating the leaders who are supporting this from various states. Apart from this we are reaching out to Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kanpur, Coimbotare chapters and other like minded NGOs.

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